403(b) Expertise


 We see the same problems in most of our prospective client’s portfolio.  Many times, clients are taking on entirely too much risk for their expected level of return.  We also find that clients generally do not know how to dodge the high fees associate with most 403(b) Annuity plans.  Let Scott guide you in making smart investment choices that fit your individual risk levels.

Why do you need an Advisor?


 As Educators, you spend your days and nights educating and preparing the leaders of tomorrow.  Sadly, we often notice that educators don’t spend enough time preparing for their own future.

Free Analysis of your 403(b) account

Financial planning consultation

 We are happy you provide you with a no-obligation assessment of your current 403(b) plan.  We will show you a very detailed analysis of your plan and show you how things can be improved.  This service is 100% free.